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Hip hop flows through my veins. I have been connecting words and punch lines since the age of 11. I have had many successes but many more failures. At the end of the day though, its always been about the art form with me. Bottom line. I consider myself a veteran when it comes to subject matter and words. I am at the point with my music now that it just flows in and then out. Its therapy for me.

Ive also learned over the years how to learn every aspect of what i do in detail. From track production, recording, to engineering, frequency, editing, mixing, mastering, video production... EVERYTHING! I often hear what my grandfather once told me, "you have to pay for what you do not know". How true. I have been blessed to have my brother from the womb, AJAX TONE. I am yet to find a producer that knows without thought it seems what to lay under my voice. No slight to any other producer, because i use many, but we have a comfort level that began as infants. From here, i will let the music do the talking. It is now your job to listen. We thank you for visiting. shalom.

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